Boundless Perspectives Coaching

offers a variety of programs as well as hourly coaching services:


1-Hour Coaching Session

One 1-hour session – $100


“Ad Astra Per Aspera”

Introducing “The Work/4th Way” ideas into the coaching session. A deeper dive into one’s own self-awareness. Exploring such concepts as waking sleep (levels of consciousness), many l’s, wrong work of centers, self-remembering, and essence vs personality. Must have completed the N.O.V.A. Program.

Program consists of eight
1-hour sessions – $800


"Eros & Psyche" Couples Coaching Program

Whereas therapy insinuates something is wrong or broken in the relationship, coaching is for couples who already have a good relationship foundation and want to see how much better they can make it. During the five-session course, couples will work on and explore: strengthening communication skills, increasing love-language intelligence, shared values, aligning paths and goals…and so much more.

Program consists of five
1 1/2 hour sessions – $800

“N.O.V.A. Program”

Through the N.O.V.A. Program, a ten-session course, clients will increase their self-awareness through the exploration of Core Motivation, Values, Inner Critic, Future-Self, Assumptions, Resilience, Growth Mindset, Hope-Theory, Empathy, and Powerful Relationships.

Program consists of ten
1-hour sessions – $800

More details on the N.O.V.A. Program

Keith St. Peter, PCC

I moved from Vermont to Key West in 1999. With a love for food and a longtime career as a chef and entrepreneur, I changed the eating and drinking landscape of the town by opening such favorites as The Porch, Kojin Noodle Bar, The OtherSide, Mary Ellen’s, The House of Wu, SouthernMost Soups & Salads, KW Sandwich Co., The Dahl House, and The RetroRoom. Realizing that I was looking for more from life, I tried to figure out, “What do I want to do when I grow up?”  I knew one thing – whatever it was, it was going to directly help people. And that’s when I found it – coaching.

After an extensive amount of research, I found the Coach Training EDU institute in Portland, OR. Over the next two and a half years of intensive schooling, I became a Certified Professional Coach, with certifications in:

  • Youth Academic Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Group Mentor
  • Neuroscience of Coaching
  • Teams & Relationships
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Bias

Since then, I have opened a private office in the “White Street Healing Arts” building and have helped scores of clients realize, unlock, and achieve their full potential.

“Coaching is an art and it’s easier said than done. It takes courage to ask a question rather than offer up advice, provide an answer or unleash a solution.”

Brené Brown

From Our Clients

My coaching sessions with Keith have changed me in ways I did not expect. Keith has the ability to ask the right questions, direct and simple question that cuts through my critical inner dialogue and never-ending cycle of self-analysis. He can get to the root of the issue, helps me refocus with action plans tailored for me. Through his coaching techniques, Keith has taught me a new set of skills so I can step by step face any situation with strength and clarity. Each session ends with an action plan which helps me stay focused and grounded as I am navigating my life. Although change can be challenging, no one is better equipped than Keith to help you with your journey.

Missy Abebe

Keith’s course is a highly engaging and thought-provoking way to improve your relationship both with yourself and with each other. Keith is a thoughtful, empathetic, and skilled guide who will not only show you tools that help you learn about yourself and your relationship- he’ll challenge you to use them. Keith approaches topics that include identity, communication, and priorities with his characteristic empathy, humor, and skill. As a result, we left better equipped to understand how we think about ourselves and each other. One thing we both particularly liked is how each session sparked spin-off conversations at home and in our lives, sometimes weeks later. We continue to use and discuss the principles Keith showed us. If you want to build an even stronger relationship with your partner and with yourself, this is a course for you!

Rob and Robin

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